2018 Track Rules At KDS  
  1. It shall be the responsibility of each participant to familiarize him or herself with all of the applicable rules and regulations of the Kinston Drag Strip (hereafter referred to as The Track or Dragway) prior to competing in any event.

2. The Dragway Management and Officials will establish the length, frequency, and administration of all events and programs and when their decision is rendered, their decision is FINAL AND BINDING.

3. Any complaints, questions, disputes, or problems must be directed to the Race Director immediately.

4. At any time, the display of any type of weapon or threat of bodily harm will result in permanent suspension for the driver and the entire racing crew and will result in the arrest of all parties involved.
5. We demand courteous conduct from all participants at all times. We will not tolerate profanity in front of race officials or management. Profane signs on your car (sex signs, etc.) are forbidden. We expect you to look like a professional and act like one! ! Be clean and look respectable.

6. Any fighting or reckless driving in pit area may subject the offender to suspension depending on the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the management. Any continued problems from the same individuals will result in permanent suspension.

7. Only one crew member is allowed on the Starting Line.

8. The Dragway assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicle or any part by any means whatsoever.

9. No electronics will be allowed in footbrake junior dragster categories. Delay boxes must be out of the car. No working transbrake will be allowed.

10. Any driver caught using an illegal electronic device will be disqualified from the event and will lose all points and money for the season.

11. Any racer deciding to run more than one class will be responsible for keeping up round after round.

12. Courtesy staging is recommended, do not final stage your car until your opponent has prestaged.

13. Your dial-in must be clear and legible on the front windshield, passenger window and rear window. The dial-in must be on your car prior to crossing the line at the front of the staging lanes. Check your dial-in box and do not stage your car until your dial-in is on the scoreboard and correct.

14. The line at the front of the staging lanes is the commitment line to race. If you break after you cross the line, you have two minutes to make the start before the other driver is told to stage. This applies to Bracket Class ONLY.
15. Long pants, shirt, and shoes are required in all classes unless a fire suit or coat is required by IHRA Rules. Helmets are recommended in all classes and required by anyone going 8.59 or quicker and ALL JUNIOR DRAGSTERS. IHRA Safety Rules will be followed according to your E.T.

16. Lane choice goes with bye-run car.

17. Junior Dragsters must be towed or pushed to staging lanes. Junior Dragsters must be picked up by a tow vehicle at the end of the run and towed back to the pits. No assistance by crew members will be allowed after Junior Dragster has staged.

18. Every car in the Points will be issued a number. Driver will receive three points for each race entered and one point for each round of competition won. No transferring of points allowed.

19. When qualifying for a qualified field, you must qualify during scheduled qualifying runs for that event. No shake down runs after the first round.

20. While in staging lanes, you must be ready to race.

21. Staging lanes will be run at the Staging Lane Director’s discretion.

22. At anytime when cars are stacked in one single lane, lane choice will be determined by flip of coin or high card. Final decision by Staging Director.

23. Round robin may be used at anytime.

24. If your class is called to staging lanes and you miss the entire round, you will not be reinstated.

25. All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.

26. All motorcycle riders must have protective clothing according to their ET. All IHRA
Safety Rules will be enforced.

27. All purses must be collected on the day of the race.

28. Excessive braking could result in disqualification according to its severity.

29. Golf carts, scooters, ATVs, etc. must have car number on them and be driven by licensed drivers.

30. Bye-runs will be determined by run for the money in time trials when applicable with the winner receiving the first bye-run or lane choice in the event there is not a bye-run that round. Preceding round bye-runs will be determined by best reaction time from previous round. If all cars remaining have had a bye-run, cards will be drawn to determine the next bye-run.

31. We strongly suggest that all competitors have a 2007 IHRA Rulebook and familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the particular class or ET section they are participating in.

32. These rules may be changed or amended at the sole discretion of Management.