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  Guys and Gals
Mark your calendars
Saturday, March 10th at KDS we'll have the race
to start the top ten of the 252 list!
Rain date will be Saturday, March 17th!

1- Car and Driver Must reside in Eastern NC (See Provide Map).
2- Must have steel roof & Quarters.
Unless OEM equipped.
3- Must have working Head lights & tail
lights. And Must be on after dark
When making a pass.
4- Stock wheel base
( +/- 1 inch).
5- No full tube chassis.
Back half, 4 link, Ladder bars are
6- No Electronic Traction control.
7- No billet block or heads
8- Maximum tire: 29.5x10.5w or
315 radial.
9- Heads up Pro-tree
10- Track safety rules apply/ roll cage, 5 point harness, fire suit,
fire system is highly recommended. Please at least have a fire
extinguisher installed.

All competitors cars on or going for the list, will go through
tech to make sure rules are met.

List race will be the first test-n-tune of each month. Starting in
March through November.

Anyone trying to get on the list, will race on the third test-n-tune
of the month for a winner. To go for the 10 spot on the next list race.

List cars can't fall more than 2 spots per list race.
Also can't run for same spot more than twice a list race.

There is a $50 minimum call out per spot and a max of $500 per spot.

Call outs can be done the night of the list race through the race master.
Call outs on social media will also be accepted.
If multiple list racers are tag in post.