TOP/ET Winner Chad Duke

Runner Up David Phipps

MODIFIED/ET Winner Tommy Duffy

Runner Up Tommy Jones

JR DRAGSTER Winner Tyler Duff

Runner Up Cole Goff

Sunday Results
TOP/ET Winner Tommy Plott

Runner Up David Phipps

MODIFIED/ET Winner Tommy Duff

Runner Up Steve Lucas

JR DRAGSTER Winner Jayden Lauler

Runner Up Brittany Dial

Thanks to all the racers and fans who showed there support this weekend and what a weekend it was.
Thank you again from the KDS Staff!


MOTORSPORTS NEWS : Results 12-5-15- 2015

Holiday Dragfest
Taylor Dail Takes the Win in Jr Dragster at KDS Holiday Dragfest!

After Hours of racing and just getting dark the tree starting acting up and flickering. After several attempts to get the problem fixed it would clear up a few runs and start back acting up again.
So with 4 cars left in Mod and 15 in Top we had to call the race and split the purse due to the tree and getting late with cool temps.
KDS will have this issue fixed before Winterfest and have everything 100% again.
We are sorry for what happened but it was beyond our control and we tried everyting to fix it. Thank you to the racers and fans who showed their support this weekend and we hope to see everyone for Winterfest
Thank You from the KDS Staff


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